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TCC is the Construction Classroom and is your online construction education resource.

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 TCC Learning Center Featured Courses



Construction Communication

Communication is at the heart of all human interaction. Explore this three-hour course and find how communication works and, probably more importantly, why it sometimes doesn't work. Look at various communication challenges along the way.




Written Communication 

Dive deep into the world of written communication. Not all communication involves the spoken word. Email, text messaging, letters, reports, forms, and social media posts, play a crucial role in the communication process.




Critical Thinking to Solve Problems

We make decisions every day, but are they the best decisions we can make? We may never know the answer to that question. What we do know is well-reasoned decisions usually have the best outcomes. How do we make well-reasoned decisions? This is where critical thinking comes in.



Construction Safety-Focus Four

"Focus Four" hazards were introduced by OSHA to draw attention to the most common and deadly risks in the construction industry. Find out why safety is one of the most important aspects of any construction project. 




Study Skills Strategies for Apprentices

As an Apprentice, it is crucial to develop effective study skills. Optimize your learning outcomes to make the best of your educational opportunities. 




Time Management Strategies for Apprentices

Master the art of time management and venture into the realms of learning and self-discovery. Find the cornerstone upon which your journey towards knowledge and personal growth is built. Your improved proficiency in time management will amplify your productivity and pave the way for your unparalleled success. 



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